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Healthy eating is addition NOT subtraction

Eating less and removing food groups from your daily consumption are not sustainable ways to eat healthy. Instead, learn to add food that nourishes and heals your body. 


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When I joined, I never thought I'll come so far. I will continue with the journey of being in good shape as you have given me the confidence that nothing is impossible. It's kind of dream come true for me after so many years coming back to my normal self.

Manika, Qatar

My journey into the world of food and nutrition guided by Sonalika was so much more than a diet plan. I’m a fitness freak and used to spend hours in the gym to stay in shape and to offset the guilt of having a sweet tooth. Her diet and associate knowledge of food has really helped save my gym hours and now I have a healthy sweet tooth too 😉.
She taught me the science of food, the balance of nutrition in food and sumptuous recipes she shares...oh my god it feels like a ‘Treat n Feast’ plan. It not only helped me lose weight but also made me feel fit inside out. Her thoughtfully created plans according to body type take care of every aspect pertaining to our body. From gut health to skin glow, she helped me achieve it all. The healthy sumptuous recipes have become part of my meals.
I remember you every day for changing my life!

Akanksha, Chicago

Our experience has been wonderful. Ms Sonalika gives attention to each and every aspect of the diet.

Till date all diet plans we have received are completely customized after detailed discussion regarding the body health. Have been able to tremendously improve my eating habits for long term benefit.

Sanchit & Kanika, Delhi

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