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About Notorious Nutritionist

Who is Notorious Nutritionist?

Hello everyone, I'm Sonalika from New Delhi (India), and currently live in California. 

What is your educational background?

I attended the University of Delhi to complete my BSc. Home Science where I specialized in Food Science and Nutrition (3 years). I completed my MSc. in Nutrition and Food Processing (2 years) from SNDT, Pune. 

What is your Work Experience?

I have worked in both wellness clinics and hospitals. I have been practicing dietetics for 5 years which includes working alongside doctors in Endocrinology and Bariatric Surgery department for 3+ years.

Refer to my LinkedIn for more 


Where it all started?

My initial experience in wellness clinics was not pleasant. The weight-loss obsessed culture and calorie counting was too toxic. This, in addition to witnessing my clients, struggle, and feel depressed as they "failed" to achieve their targets; pushed me to quit my high paying job to start Notorious Nutritionist in 2017. I partnered with like-minded and ethical Doctors and gained experience in Medical Nutrition.

Why "Notorious Nutritionist"?

As a Dietician, I wanted to talk about food that heals and prescribe Food Plans that nourish my patients/ clients. This made me a bit of a maverick in a field where diets are all about eating less/ fasting/ removing a food group/ detoxes/ calorie counting. In addition, I personally enjoyed the alliteration, and thus,  Notorious Nutritionist came into existence. 

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